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The Community Planner: An Electronic How-to Journal for Citizens & Planners.

Have you ever wanted
to learn how to...

  • Create a project book for a major project using a spreadsheet program?
  • Write a Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Build an effective working relationship with the press?
  • Write Plain Language documents?
  • Develop citizen eduation and public outreach programs?
  • Understand open government and the Freedom of Information Act?
  • Design a planning process?
  • Survive statistics?

If so, The Community Planner is for you. The purpose of The Community Planner is to empower citizens, elected and appointed officials, and local planners by providing in-depth instruction and information about planning and government processes, tasks, tools, and techniques.

Each issue focuses on a specific aspect of planning and government (Planning the Planning Process; RFPs and working with consultants; Creating effective public outreach documents and programs) and includes:

  • Indepth articles from multiple perspectives offering practical tips and hands-on advice and instructions;
  • State-by-state resources;
  • Case studies and practical examples to help illustrate how a tool, technique, or process works in application;
  • Sample documents and templates;
  • Direct access to background information, including state and federal enabling legislation;
  • Tools of the Trade: How-to articles to tackle planning and government projects (the anatomy of a press release, effective use of spreadsheets, slideware, concept mapping software, etc.); and
  • Product reviews for open source and low cost software.

The Community Planner is in pdf format and is free for the taking, although if you want to chip in and help out by subscribing, our contributors, planners, coffee drinkers, and the depot would be deeply appreciative.

Unlike traditional print journals, the electronic approach allows us to fully explore a subject without the limitation imposed by print media. We can build in links to background materials and state and federal codes; provide examples in multiple programs (spreadsheets, slideware, and other formats); and fully develop instructions and provide access to real world examples. The journal is written by planners, community organizers, and anyone else we can scrounge up with some semblance of expertise.


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