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We do include advertising on this site, although the advertisements must be germaine to the subject (planning ads for knockoff shoes or cheesy vacation trips). We encourage our readers / site users to check out the companies who help make the materials available at a rather reasonable price.

Advertising Types and Rates

Web Resource Listing (by catagory)--1 year--$50.00

The web resource listing includes a direct link to your website. You can list your site under up to three categories (planning, environmental planning, trail design, etc.) If we do not have a category for your particular service, we will add it.

Small Panel Ad (no larger than 3" in height or width) and Web Resource Listing (by category) -- 1 year --$100.00
Large Panel Ad (no larger than 6" in height or width) and Web Resource Listing (by category) -- 1 year -- $200.00

We encourage our readers to check out the firms who have advertised on the website. Their ads help to make this kind of enterprise economically feasible.

Once you have paid the advertising fee, submit your advertisement to Dorsett Publications and include "advertisement" in the subject line. All panel ads should be submitted as pdfs or jpgs. For resource ads, make sure you include the company name, contact information, website, facebook, email, and up to five lines of descriptive copy to let our readers know what exactly you do. Since the panel ad also include the web resource listings, make sure you add them in the body of the email when you send your ad.

We do reserve the right to decline inappropriate advertisements, so if you are selling something that has little or nothing to do with planning (like knock-off shoes), you may want to find a more appropriate venue. Thanks.



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