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Note: The Community Planner started life as a cd-rom based publication and included a number of internal links in each article. As we shift to a web-based format, we need to rework the link systems to the supporting materials (on the list, but not quite there yet). We apologize for any broken links you may find while you are perusing the articles. We hope to have the links sorted out after we get everything up and sorted out.

Analyzing & Crunching Data

Surveys and Content Analysis Using a Spreadsheet (M.H. Dorsett, AICP, Fall 2011)

Community and Planning Resources

Cooperative Extension Programs in the Untied States, by State, 2011 (Dr. Diane Zahm, AICP, Winter 2011)

Regional Councils (Winter 2011)

Universities as Consultants, Students as Staff (Dr. Diane Zahm, AICP, Winter 2011)

Comprehensive Planning

Planning the Planning Process: A Survival Guide for New Planners, Staff, and Citizen Volunteers, Part 1 (M.H. Dorsett, AICP, Fall 2010)

Understanding the Comprehensive Planning Process (M.H. Dorsett, AICP, Fall 2010)


Using Clustering Workshops to Wrtie the Core Plan (M.H. Dorsett, AICP, Fall 2011)


What you don't know won't...A Practical Guide to the Comprehensive Plan, Part 2 (M.H. Dorsett, AICP, Winter 2011)

A Practical Guide to the Comprehensive Plan, Part 3: Public Education & Outreach (M.H. Dorsett, AICP, Spring 2011)

Concept Mapping

Concept Mapping: IHMC's CmapTools (M.H. Dorsett, AICP, Fall 2010)


Online Tools and Resources

Orton Family Foundation's Planning Tools (Fall 2011)

Open Government

A Citizen's Perspective: Introduction to Open Government & the Freedom of Information Act (C.A. Lindstrom, Spring 2011)


Planning Process

What's the State got to do with it? Planning Enabling Legislation and the Planning Process. (Dr. Diane L. Zahm, AICP, Fall 2010)

Resources: Planning Enabling Act List

Public Information

Anatomy of a Press Release (Spring 2011)

Getting beyond the Legalese: Planning and the Press (Niki King, Louisville Courier-Journal, Spring 2011)

Orwell had it Right: Government Writing, Public Documents, and the Art of Plain Language. (Spring 2011)

Public Documents, Public Readers: Creating Public Information the Public Can Read (Spring 2011)

Public Participation

Designing Un-slanted Surveys (C.A. Lindstrom, Fall 2011)

Public Participation in the Age of the Internet. (Fall 2011)

Participation and Planning (Part 1) (M.H. Dorsett, Summer/Fall 2011)

The Three Question Exercise (M.H. Dorsett, Fall 2011)

"Treasured Places" Exercise for Early Public Input (Milton Herd, AICP, Fall 2011)

RFPs and Consultants

The Alphabet Soup of Purchasing: RFPs and Consultants (Winter 2011)

Why and How to Hire a Consultant (Melissa Shelton Scott, Winter 2011)

Requests for Proposals: Considerations in Using RFPs to Procure Community Planning Services (Milton Herd, Winter 2011)

RFP, RFI, RFQ: Say What? (Valerie L. Tweedie CPA, CFE, CGFM, Winter 2011)

Sample RFP Documents, by State (Winter, 2011)

Scoping Worksheet for Uwe with RFP Process (Winter 2011)

Tools of the Trade

A Guide to Agendas (a clustering workshop example) (M.H. Dorsett, AICP,

A Guide to Slideware (aka PowerPoint Presentations) (Dr. Diane Zahm, AICP, Spring 2011)

The Infinite Uses of Spreadsheets (M.H. Dorsett, AICP, Fall 2010)


Sheets (doc format)

Survey Tools for Non-Statisticians: Survey Monkey (C.A. Lindstrom, Fall 2011)

To Blog, or Not to Blog, That is the Question! (Karen Drake, AICP, Fall 2011)


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