6 Reasons to Subscribe to a Planning Journal
Based on Popular Mechanics

  1. Okay, so we don't give you the instructions on how to build a hollow-core surf board out of scratch lumber. We do, however, provide you how-to articles that will help you and your community (or county) tackle planning and government processes and help you get more "bang for your buck" when you do hire a consultant to help you specific projects.
  2. We save you time, at least some of the time. Each issue includes subject-specific "resource" articles, covering the broad range of issues facing communities, from stormwater to open government to building raingardens and community playgrounds.
  3. It saves trees, incurs no transporation costs, and gets great gas mileage. Each issue is published in pdf format and delivered by email (so make sure you include an email address when you place your order).
  4. Helps keep our writers in coffee and helps them afford something a bit more comfortable than a dark garret. The TCP writers are an odd collection of AICP planners, statisticians, public information and open government specialists, public finance officers, lawyers, and anyone else we can talk into contributing their time, energy, and creativity to the effort. This is especially true for the pratical hands-on articles, designed to be used by citizens, planners, and elected and appointed officials.
  5. You can read it without falling asleep in your armchair. Okay, we are not John Stewart, but we try to find interesting ways to explain even the most mundane of processes. Our articles are written in Plain English and include accessible explanations for technical terms.
  6. Best of all, it helps keep a 145 year old Tuscan Italianate Railroad Station in paint. Dorsett Publications and The Community Planner are located in the Historic Cambria Depot (Christiansburg, Virginia). The building is sided in rough-cut poplar, so it absorbs paint at an alarming rate and sheds paint four years later. If you are driving south or north on I-81, stop by the station and we'll give you the two-bit tour. We have the only corporate offices in the country with 43' long American Chestnut beams.

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